About PBTSearch

PBTSearch is a desktop application that offers an easy way to search content on private bittorrent trackers.

If you have accounts in differents Bittorrent Trackers who sometimes needs to search different type of content, then you may want an application to search in multiple trackers.

PBTS is a metasearch for P2P private torrent trackers. Allows simultaneous searching on private trackers and combine their results. Furthermore, PBTS is expandable, Allows you to add new trackers by downloading from the web or you can create them yourself. PBTS is written in Java, and is avaliable on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). The code is open source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License and you can modify and improve it.

First version of PBTSearch is released!
Posted by batalle Sat on September 14, 2012

First Beta version of PBTSearch, basic features are provided.
  • 17 avaliable trackers.
  • Multi-language Supported. PBTS available in English and Spanish.
  • XML file to add more trackers
  • Avaliable trackers: BitSoup, MVTracker, XSpeeds, PublicHD, BajaunaPeli, XBytes, BitShock, Blu-bits, blu-torrents, Torronteros, speedCD, torrentShack, slickerthanhell, all4nothin, HunterBT, Nova+ and trackerChile.

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